How To List Ebook On eBay 2020 International [Make Money Online] – Step by Step

In these articles, I am going to show you step by step how you can list an ebook on eBay. For the instant listing digital product on eBay harder than selling a physical product. So follow every single step from top to bottom to properly list an ebook on eBay. So take a pen, and paper lets dive into the method.

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How To List Ebook On Ebay 2020 International [Make Money Online]

What you going to learn

  1. Wher you going to find ebook
  2. Fess in general
  3. Listing Ebook from title to payment

Findig Ebook

If you’re good at writing, find the hot niches and write ebook surrounding that topic or you can create an ebook on things you like. For an example, if you’re good at art and craft you can make an ebook on that topic.

On the other hand majority of peoples are not very good writers, if you are one of them you can find free plr ebooks with resale rights. You can list that ebook on eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

When you download ebooks it comes with resale licences or certificates. If you face any problem during selling, you can use the licences as proof for reselling for the ebooks.

My choices are You can download 200 free ebooks, but if you want to download most recent up to date ebook, I suggest you buy lifetime access for $99.

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eBay Fees

There are three different types of fees you have to consider for selling on ebay. Listing fees – if you are living in the UK, your personal account has 100 free listings. Which mean you can list 100 items and the listing last 30 days for free.

After 30 days you receive another 100 free listings, but your actual items will be relisted using the free listing offer.

Lastly additional items (after 100 items) you have to pay £0.35. The different plan has a different offer and price. Also Each plan different for different countries.

check this articles from ebay to under stand fees.

  1. Final value fee – this fee you have to every month end. When your item sells, you pay 10% of the final transaction value, including postage.
  1. Paypal fee- this Fee will be taken when you receive payment—Paypal charges 3.5% per transaction.

Listing Ebook from title to payment


When it comes to listing ebook, the title is important because when you put ebook next to the book title, eBay algorithm will know you’re selling an ebook. First what eBay says is you can’t list an ebook or suggest you list ebook under classified add.

Never list your ebook under classified add because you have to pay $9 to $11 per listing. so the listing is not free under classified add format.

First, search the ebook title on eBay and find a similar ebook selling by another seller. Click open the listing and click sell it yourself in the bottom of the image. When you click the button, it pulls all listing formats from that ebook list. So this speeds up the entire process.

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For category select book then non-fiction because eBay doesn’t have category for an ebook. ISBN doesn’t apply, and the condition is brand new.

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All images and graphics provided inside ebook zip files. it is better to leave specification empty. because it is not a book so there is no author name or release date.

You can find the item description with the ebook. also, remember to put this is an ebook and buyers only receive pdf copy through email. put that pieces information in bold and red. so the buyer can understand this is an ebook, not a physical book.

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Check the price of the same ebook and if you want you can undercut the price or if your only one selling the ebook, you can sell it for a higher price.

Also, put no return on return policy. delivery information selects any services and amends zero as price. finally, click publish, your listing becomes active in mater of seconds.

in conclusion, anyone can list free PLR ebook on eBay and make money from it. only things everyone must know is how to list the ebook incorrect format without any issue.

Follow this step from top to bottom to list the ebook and make money on eBay. if you have any question feel free to ask me and join our newsletter for future content.

how to list an ebook on ebay

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